French Delights Part 2 – Paris Tramway T-3


Paris’s tram line T3 (tram Marechaux) opened on 16 December 2006, along a 7.9 km route from Pont du Garigliano (Bd Victor) to Porte d’Ivry. The new line runs along the southern boulevards, replacing many bus routes and attaining an higher commercial speeds (about 20 km/h vs. the current bus value of 14.5 km/h). Some of the stops have important modal interchange opportunities with RER (Line B, Line C), metro (4, 7, 8, 12, 13) and about 30 bus lines. It’s expected an important extension will be opened by the end of 2012, from Porte d’Ivry to Porte de la Chapelle (14 km, 25 stops).

The cost of Paris’s newest tram-line is somewhat higher due to extensive road rebuilding, lawned right-of-ways, shrubbery and other street furniture along the route. The cost of the light-rail line works out to CAD $42.5 million/km. Capacity of the line is 10,000 pphpdCountry France, with 21 vehicles and can be increased with the addition of more light-rail vehicles.


Country France
Line T3 (Tram Marechaux)
Inhabitants City 2.150.000, District 11.175.000
Date opening 2006
Future development: Porte d’Ivry-Porte de la Chapelle extension (14 km, 25 stops, predicted opening end of 2012)
Length (km) 7.9
Track sections
Stops 17, average distance m 500
Platform doors
General characteristics height cm 35
n. of vehicles 21
n. of cars per vehicle
Type steel wheels bi-directional
Vehicle dimensions (m) length 45, width 2.65
Vehicle capacity (pax) 302 (82 seated)
Frequency 4/8 min
Current/Voltage 750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Speed Km/h Comm. 20
Accel./Decel. (m/sec2)
System capacity 10.000 pphpd
Ridership 100.000 pax/day, 28 million pax/year
Total cost 27 M Euro/km
System builder ALSTOM
Model Citadis

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