About Rail for the Valley

Welcome! We’re a growing group of people across the Lower
Mainland who agree that the Fraser Valley needs passenger rail service

Oil painting by Klari Aitken

Some of our governing politicians still don’t seem to get it. They say
it isn’t viable “at this time.” Maybe in 20 years, they say. Of course,
they said that 20 years ago…. They plan to spend billions of dollars
on more highways, but they continue to ignore the obvious, long-overdue
solution to our traffic congestion – passenger rail service for the
Fraser Valley! Since they aren’t listening, the next step is to organize

was the clever boys in Vancouver and Victoria who killed the Interurban transit system that served a far less densely populated Fraser Valley half a century ago. It’s long past time to correct that mistake.” -Langley Advance

“The most efficient and “green” way to move large numbers of
people is via light-rail transit. Given the population growth in the
Fraser Valley, this transit option should be a no-brainer.”

“If the government is to meet its goal of cutting air contaminants by 4.7 million tonnes in the next 12 years, the revival of the interurban line will be one of many initiatives aimed at getting commuters out of their cars.” -Abbotsford News

“Now is the time, when our population still allows it, to finally look at light rail. We have the rail ready and the cost of getting it up and running would be a fraction of the cost of building more SkyTrain routes… Not only are we convinced that rail is the best solution for the Fraser Valley, we are convinced that it will be used.” -Abbotsford Times

“One of the biggest disappointments in Victoria’s new transit plan is its failure to include the possibility of light-rail passenger service — along the old Inter-Urban rail route from Vancouver to Chilliwack. In our view, any transit plan that doesn’t include such an environmentally-sound option is deficient to some degree.” -The Province

“Where is the much-needed light rail for the Fraser Valley?” -Surrey Leader

“We can learn from history. Rail-based transit will work in the
Fraser Valley.”
-Langley Times

“There’s far too much foot-dragging when it comes to the issue of
a proper transportation infrastructure for the Lower Mainland and the
Fraser Valley. Maybe the politicians need to take a load off and hop on
the train.”
-Chilliwack Times


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