SkyTrain will be extended to Langley, Premier Campbell announces – Ha, Ha, Ha


SkyTrain is coming to Langley, so says the Premier – Yippee!

I think not.

Premier Campbell is a desperate man, clinging on to his Premiership like a barnacle on a ships hull and this announcement is supposed to rally Liberal forces (and Liberal money) in the Fraser Valley to support the Liberal cause.

Well Mr. Campbell, forgetting the fact that your government can’t find enough money to build the $1.4 billion Evergreen (locally known as the Nevergreen Line), where is the money to come from to fund this almost $2 billion boondoggle?

SkyTrain was never conceived to be a regional railway, rather it was designed to provide cheap inner city transportation by supposedly being able to carry more than a (Toronto) streetcar and cheaper to build than a real metro. It has failed at both.

In Vancouver, SkyTrain construction has been strictly political, no other city in North America and Europe builds SkyTrain as a metro; the Detroit ICTS is a mere demonstration Line and the JFK Airport SkyTrain is a niche people airport mover. Toronto’s ICTS Scarborough Line is being dismantled and replaced with either a metro or light rail.

Where SkyTrain goes, property development follows (the density question only applies to SkyTrain) and the Premier announcement probably has more to do telegraphing to property developers that he is open to taking Agriculture land Reserve lands out of the ALR along the SkyTrain route and rezone for high density (read towers) development along its almost $2 billion route.

It is worth noting that for the almost $2 billion 14 km. SkyTrain route to Langley, one can build a a ‘full build’ 136 km. RftV/Leewood TramTrain and a BCIT to UBC/Stanley Park LRT!

SkyTrain will be extended to Langley, Premier Campbell announces

Published: October 01, 2010

SkyTrain is coming to Langley.

Premier Gordon Campbell made the announcement on Friday, while speaking at the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference in Whistler.

In an hour-long address to delegates at the convention, Campbell listed off a series of transportation projects that would be accelerated with the help of unspecified new private investment.

They included extending SkyTrain from Surrey to Langley, RapidBus from Langley to Chilliwack, RapidBus from Kelowna to West Kelowna and also through Greater Victoria.

Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender said a lot of technical work needs to be done on the Surrey-Langley line before it can proceed.


5 Responses to “SkyTrain will be extended to Langley, Premier Campbell announces – Ha, Ha, Ha”

  1. Justin Bernard Says:

    More concerning is the premier is still banking on using private funds to build these projects. It’s not going to happen.

  2. Grant G Says:

    The $1.4 billion evergreen line, that is the price with NO cost over-runs……Why is it the Province keeps saying….TRanslink needs its $400 million contribution….$400 from province…$400million from Feds…Leaves a balance of $600 million for Translink, and you think there won`t be no cost over-runs?….Plus…Where is the operating money?

    $3.5 billion for UBC line…To Langley?….

    Idle yak from a lame duck premier!

  3. David Says:

    Grant hits the nail on the head. There is NEVER any additional money for operating these new systems. The Province contributes a small but significant fraction of the construction costs, takes all the credit, poses for some photos and then buggers off leaving local governments to raise taxes again.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hahahah, best place on earth my a$$

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder what year that is planned for, wasn’t it going to be 20 or 30 years before it was supposed to be extended to the east at all? Of course I don’t believe a word he says, but I wonder why he would even say this when he still can’t deliver the evergreen line and while translink is broke…

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