Transit News – October 3, 2010





San Jose


Gold Coast – Queensland


Fraser Valley, BC



One Response to “Transit News – October 3, 2010”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dont need to publish this comment, but I don’t know how to email you, so I’m posting here, I was wondering if you saw the news about the blind womans guide dog who was dragged by the skytrain due to it being an automated system, and how it could have been prevented by a driver in a non automated system…

    Zweisystem replies: The tragic event again shows the automatic railways weakness, driverless transit systems cannot deal with the unexpected and why in Europe automatic metros have attendants on board the trains and on station platforms at all times!

    This is not to say that this type of accident doesn’t happen on light rail systems, because they do. Calgary had a few fatal dragging accidents where people tried to force the doors open after they were closed, were caught and dragged (some fatally). By installing mirrors for the driver so he can check the side doors have improved safety greatly.

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