Groundbreaking report on Interurban light rail – released TODAY


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Rail For The Valley is extremely excited to announce the release of a comprehensive independent analysis of the potential for light rail service on the existing and publicly owned Interurban Rail Corridor, connecting communities from Chilliwack to Vancouver with an affordable, sustainable public transportation system. The study, now complete, was performed by Leewood Projects.

About Leewood Projects:

Leewood Projects is a British-based company that has professional expertise in light rail solutions, providing comprehensive project management and planning services to the international railway industry. Leewood Projects has in the past had involvement in prestigious rail projects such as the Channel Tunnel.

Highlights of the the report:

  • TramTrain technology: Track-sharing the existing Interurban rail line with freight operations.
  • 20 minute (peak), 30 minute (off-peak) all-day service.
  • An analysis of the track and needed upgrades.
  • Railway stations designed as community gathering points. 10 full stations and 8 Tram Stops.
  • A detailed Journey Time matrix for stops along the line.
  • Total journey time between Surrey Scott Rd. SkyTrain Station and downtown Chilliwack: 90.5 minutes.
  • Future proposed expansions of the line: Downtown Vancouver (Stage 2) and Rosedale (Stage 3).
  • A detailed capital cost breakdown for the entire project.
Total capital costs:
Stage 1 Phase 1 (Diesel Light Rail) 98 km Scott Rd. – Chilliwack: $492 million
Stage 1 Phase 2 (Electrification) 98 km Scott Rd. – Chilliwack: $114 million
Stage 2 Proposal – 28 km Extension to Downtown Vancouver: $363 million
Stage 3 Proposal – 12 km Extension to Rosedale: $28 million

This is the most comprehensive light rail study ever undertaken in this province, performed by a company with professional expertise in light rail solutions. This report at long last provides us with an honest accounting of the potential for light rail service on the Interurban corridor.

-John Buker, Founder, Rail For The Valley

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