City & Populations With Light Rail


From David Cockle.

Rank City / Urban area Country Population Land area
(in sqKm)
(people per sqKm


100 Warsaw Poland 2,000,000 466 4,300
101 Denver USA 1,985,000 1,292 1,550
102 Cologne/Bonn Germany 1,960,000 816 2,400
103 Hamburg Germany 1,925,000 829 2,300
104 Dubai UAE 1,900,000 712 2,650
105 Pretoria South Africa 1,850,000 673 2,750
106 Vancouver Canada 1,830,000 1,120 1,650
107 Beirut Lebanon 1,800,000 648 2,800
108 Budapest Hungary 1,800,000 702 2,550
109 Cleveland USA 1,787,000 1,676 1,050
110 Pittsburgh USA 1,753,000 2,208 800


Vancouver is 106th in ranking.

Of the ten cities in the 1.75 to 2.0 million population rankings, all have Light rail/Tram systems except:

Hamburg, Pretoria, Vancouver & Beirut.

Dubai is currently constructing an ART system

YouTube videos of respective systems:








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4 Responses to “City & Populations With Light Rail”

  1. CLC Says:

    The list from is a joke. It missed at least 30 China\’ cities. I believe it missed at least dozens of other Asian cities as well

    \”Of the ten cities in the 1.75 to 2.0 million population rankings, all have Light
    rail/Tram systems except:\”
    you missed at least two dozens Asian cities.

    Zweisystem replies: Which cities?

  2. bulleid35028 Says:

    OK CLC, since you consider the given reference “a joke” you do your own research and post a schedule to this blog of ten world cities with a population in the 1.75 to 2.0 million range, together with population density and a summary of their respective public transit systems.
    You’ill find it easier to criticise than post a reviewable paper. You have until August 27

  3. CLC Says:

    Hi bulleid35028 ,
    You don\’t need to have serious research, a basic knowledge of world population distribution and some knowledge of Asia will immediately tell you that the 2007 list at the referenced site is a joke, it simply omitted TOO MANY Asian cites (particularly China, India)
    Do you know the world second largest city by population is Guangzhou, but it is nowhere to find in

    Hi Zwei, a more believable population site you may reference:
    I can verify that the Chinese cities listed there are much more complete as far as my knowledge. Wiki usually have
    accurate land area info so that population density can be calculated.

  4. John W Says:

    So what’s the point of this comparison? That only 50% of the cities mentioned have operational LRT?

    Vancouver and Hamburg both have metro and commuter rail, but not LRT. So what?

    You could also say that Vancouver is one of the only cities in this list with water-based public transport. Again, so what?

    Zweisystem replies: Only about 12% to 13% of Vancouver’s Metro population use public transit.

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