500 Posts – The story so far……………..


Todays post, marks the five hundredth post on the Rail for The Valley blog and today I want to reflect on the main themes that keep out transit debates going.

The Canada line

Again, another major Canada Line story by the Vancouver Province news paper….


-and I wonder why the Vancouver Province keeps writing ‘puff’ stories about the new metro service. In TransLink speak, having the media saying over and over again how wonderful SkyTrain and or the RAV/Canada Line is (the Joesph Goebbels Gambit), means the opposite is true. The Canada line is to the Liberals as the Millennium Line is to the NDP,  because the mainstream media fail to do any diligent research on the subject and treat all metro/rapid transit construction and operation as ‘motherhood & apple pie’ issues.

The Broadway follies continue.

Yes the debate rages on about ‘rail’ transit on Broadway and merchants clearly don’t want to be screwed like Susan Heyes on Cambie Street. Rumour was that our now disgraced premier wanted a subway legacy for Vancouver and a Broadway subway or Legacy Line was just the ticket. The $3 billion to $4 billion price tag for a subway is just a wee to much for TransLink, who can’t even find $400 million to build the Evergreen Line.

The Evergreen Line.

The Evergreen or locally called the Nevergreen Line is the epitome of what is wrong with our transit planning. TransLink continues to plan for ‘pie in the sky’ metro that the region just can’t afford. Just $400 million could fund a Vancouver to Maple Ridge TramTrain service, but we want a $1.4 billion metro instead and to hell with the taxpayer.

The Valley Interurban project

Hopefully some good news about the Fraser Valley will soon happen. To make the Valley interurban or TramTrain a success, we must think ‘out of the box’ and plan for the region and that includes Vancouver. Our present transit system is Vancouver centric, with the metro lines fragmented and for over 80% of metro users, they must take a bus to SkyTrain. To be success, the interurban/TramTrain project must service Vancouver and until it does, I am not so sure of the success, but the intrepid supporters of valley rail press on!


TransLink continues fumbling and bumbling along achieving very little. The new TransLink board of experts, is really the government friendly board of amateurs and we hardly hear anything from them, yet they are all collecting healthy stipends. The calls for a separate transportation authority for South of the Fraser grows and if the present administration at TransLink doesn’t change, the call for a separate transportation authority will increase from a few peeps to a massive roar.

The provincial government

The current provincial government is broke and except for investment in the Canada line, has all but washed its hands on ‘rail’ transit in the province. The Gateway saga is the epitome of Gordon Campbell’s ‘rubber on asphalt’ transportation agenda.

The Public Affairs Bureau

The do their best to cloud transportation issues with phony letters to the editor and trolling the blogs. They are easy to find, their attitudes are clearly early Victorian!

Rail for The Valley

We continue to grow stronger and we are the only group in the region solely focused on the return of a Vancouver to Chilliwack Interurban or TramTrain service. hopefully a lot of hard work will pay off very soon!

The blog

Post #501 to follow. The SkyTrain Lobby beware!


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2 Responses to “500 Posts – The story so far……………..”

  1. Justin Bernard Says:


    Zweisystem replies: Thank you!

    The blog was created to not only support the Valley Rail initiative, but to create an information base about the history, operation and current news about public transit. I ask questions and give opinions which, for some, unpleasant questions. There will be plenty of grist for the mill this Autumn.

  2. visitor Says:

    Congrats, but your blog seems to lose viewership based on the numbers of comments, as opposed to other popular transit blog.

    What\’s your take of Hong kong island tram losing ridership per annum for 12 straight years and needs to raise 25% fare to prevent losing money in 2011?

    Zweisystem replies: Thank you.

    This blog doesn’t preach to the converted, which is one reason why so many blogs have so many comments. From our stats., it seems that we have a lot of overseas readers and many find it difficult to leave a message in English and that the local readers are just happy to read other than TransLink speak.

    The Hong Kong trams are facing a challenge from ‘affluence’, where in the past local trips were made by tram, are now the private car. Of course, there are many other reasons, but Hong Kong has changed much in the past decade, including how people travel. As for the fare increase, the fare today is very low by Canadian standards and by comparison, we should be paying $5.00 in Vancouver for just one zone of travel!

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