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Canada Unveils $1.9bn Public Transit Programme

June 29, 2010

Edmonton's envisioned light rail network. Does TransLink have the the same vision?

Canada Unveils $1.9bn Public Transit Programme

25 June 2010


The Canadian State (Zwei commnets – We do note have states in Canada, we have provinces!) of Alberta has unveiled a C$2bn (US$1.9bn) public transport plan to boost public transit systems in cities and towns to cut down greenhouse gases in the province.

Under the green transit incentives programme (GreenTRIP), the government has earmarked C$800m (US$775m) for Edmonton, C$800m (US$775m) for Calgary and C$400m (US$387m) for other municipalities.

The multiyear programme is expected to make public transport systems more accessible in cities, towns and municipalities.

It also aims to reduce the number of vehicles on roads, consequently reducing the carbon footprint