Fuel cell tram trial – From the Railway Gazette


After a few false starts in the past decade with numerous railway operators, the Spanish FEVE Railway is experimenting with a fuel-cell powered train on a short non-electrified rail line. For those advocating alternative fuel for the Valley Interurban, it should fell worth noting that the maximum speed than can be achieved with a fuel cell powered train is a mere 25/kph.; hardly the speed needed for a 21st century version of the interurban.

Fuel cell tram trial

24 June 2010

SPAIN: Metre-gauge operator FEVE is planning to start trials with fuel cell traction between Ribadesella and Llovio on its non-electrified Santander – Oviedo route by the end of this year.

A hydrogen fuel cell is to be installed in a 1970s tramcar to power four traction motors, capable of operating at up to 25 km/h and making 15 return trips of 10 km every day.

The fuel cell is being developed by Cidaut, a research foundation specialising in transport and energy that draws on the academic expertise of the University of Valladolid. It weighs 80 kg, including a 10 kg fuel tank.

‘The best thing is that emissions are zero’, project leader Alberto Montes told <cite>El Mundo</cite>. FEVE’s Director of International & Institutional Relations José Antonio Sebastián said that the new technology could be used on future light rail networks.

As well as Cartgena – Los Nietos, where tenders have been called for four vehicles (RG 2.10 p16), FEVE plans to convert routes in Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria to tram-train operations.


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2 Responses to “Fuel cell tram trial – From the Railway Gazette”

  1. Bryan Vogler Says:

    I presented a Hydrogen transportation report to The Abbotsford City Group a couple of years back. When City Council passed the light rail plan Hydrogen power was included in that. I met many doubters there. Oh it would be years away.
    However they are the motor car orientated society who would deny any threat to take there personal transportation away. I hope The Gulf Oil Spill will change there thoughts to a different fuel and hopefully Hydrogen. I encourage anybody to add to this new group of transportation changes

  2. Bryan Vogler Says:

    The Arbutus Line in Vancouver was once part of this Valley system. It ran from the Columbia street switch at the C.P.R. mainline in Vancouver 1901 to Steveston. Called the Vancouver and Lulu Island railway a seperate division of the C.P.R. for passenger rail service joined the Westminster Subdivision in 1909 and could either run Inturbans south to Steveston or east to New Westminster at the Marpole switch. From there up the Valley to Chilliwack by 1910.
    For the past few years this line has been out of commission, and is a bad blight to the posh Pt.Grey-Kits area. These rusted tracks(1935) and rotten ties met there end in 1995 when Molson’s Brewery no longer needed rail service and it was trucked from then on.
    The Lower Mainland Commuter Rail Consortium requested the Vancouver Parks Board make this a Parkway joining Stanley Park from the Davie Street Tram line to Burrard and use the new bike lanes over the bridge to Molson’s Brewery. Here turn left one block and you are on the Arbutus Line at Granville Island.
    Letters have gone out to 7 Federal ministers in Ottawa including Chuck Strahl, Minister of Transport which oversees federal railways. ^ letters have gone to Provincial Ministers including Shirley Bond Minister of Transport.
    I would like rail for the valley’s support on this proposal and it may draw Vancouver into the rail for the valley proposal. I think we need Vancouver and burnaby to support this rail idea just for the reason of getting traffic off the road if for nothing else.
    I am requesting the head of rail for the valley write or email Mayor Corrigan and Mayor Robertson both environmental supporters.

    Zweisystem replies: I agree!

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