A Basel Light Controlled Road, Centred Tram Stop


The following is a short video of a Basel light controlled, road centred tram stop.


Please note the following:

  1. The cyclist stops for the red light.
  2. Taffic light red cycle, 32 seconds.
  3. Dwell time 15 seconds.
  4. Reserved rights-of-way – hatched and crossed lines on the tram route.

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3 Responses to “A Basel Light Controlled Road, Centred Tram Stop”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would imagine if that were done here that front car would drive through the crowd exiting the tram!

    Zweisystem replies: Sad fact is, you are right. In Canada a red light means little. If trams were to be operated on Broadway:

    1) Traffic flows would be reduced by half.
    2) All red light stops for trams would be protected by CCTV cameras and any auto driver passing a red light would be banned from driving for 1 year and if the auto driver passes a red light and impacts a tram or a tram passenger he would be banned from driving for 5 years. Causing death, lifetime ban.

    I would think that car drivers would heed red lights on tram routes.

  2. Justin Bernard Says:

    Drivers not stopping when streetcar door open in Toronto happens once in a while, but it’s not too common, since the driver can be stopped by police, and charged.

  3. Jim Says:

    That would be nice, but you are right, they seem to mean little to most people around here. I also saw a school bus stop to let kids off, with all the red lights flashing, and a pickup from behind it didn’t slow down at all (probably 60 – 70 kmh) flew by it on the right hand shoulder just as the kids were getting out of the door, the first kid jumped back into the bus. I tried to get a plate number but couldn’t get one before the guy was gone.

    Zweisystem replies: Near where I live is a stop sign which no one stops. It is located in a very sensitive junction. Just a few days ago, I counted 25 cars in succession failing to stop. I phone the police and within a hour a car set up near the sign and the cop pulled over no fewer than 20 cars in 10 minutes!

    Stop signs, red lights mean stop, yet here it is sorta or maybe, if I feel like it.

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