The Livable Blog Talks Broadway Transit


Do our politicians have the foresight to do this on Broadway?

The Livable Blog has an interesting discussion about “rail” transit on Broadway.

Le tram in Grenoble France


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5 Responses to “The Livable Blog Talks Broadway Transit”

  1. ano Says:

    wow! all that vehicular traffic disappeared! magic!

    Zweisystem replies: Part of modern LRT philosophy is active and passive traffic calming. LRT on Broadway would take up two traffic lanes, leaving two lanes for autos & trucks and one lane for parking. By using one traffic lane for light rail, we have increased the capacity from about 2,000 pphpd to over 20,000 pphpd; not a bad trade off.

  2. ano Says:

    amazing philosophy! too bad the real world won’t work that way.

    Zweisystem replies: Actually it does work in the real world when implemented, only in Vancouver we don’t live in the real world.

  3. find broadway tickets Says:

    It would be nice if they found new options for the Broadway Transit.

    Zweisystem replies: It would be nice if TransLink was honest with their planning, but they are not. The lucrative SkyTrain ‘gravy train’ is firmly embedded with many people, who wish to see some tax money come their way. The Broadway Follies are at hand and it is show time!

  4. another anonymous Says:

    Assume that I know very little about light rail. Your selected pictures for illustration are very poor choice to convince me. First, there is no street life. Second, the long train (in the second photo) is virtually empty! It makes me wonder why? is it not competitive enough with other modes of transportation , including biking?

  5. bradm123 Says:

    I agree to the above statement. I believe that the selected pictures portray a good sense of what the rail will look like. Rail trains are very competitive I believe I just wish there were more in America. Public transit is a great cost saver and is eco friendlier than cars all together. Perhaps America should consider these possibilities.

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