Integrated transit solutions needed – A Letter in the Chilliwack Progress


The following is another letter published in the Chilliwack progress supporting a ‘rail’ connection from Chilliwack to Vancouver.

Integrated transit solutions needed

Published: April 13, 2010 12:00 PM

As a student I am concerned about how politicians are not looking towards our future. There is no alternative to getting in and out of cities such as Abbotsford and Chilliwack without the use of a car. This needs to change.

A light rail needs to be added between Chilliwack and Vancouver. Putting in this railway would cost far less than it is costing to widen the Port Mann Bridge, which is seen as a necessity. This railway would provide far more job opportunities for people who either do not have a car, or cannot afford the price of gas. They would be able to get city jobs as it allows easy commuting.

As many people in the past have pointed out, building more roads does not cut down congestion. It does not work now, and it never has. There needs to be an alternate way to get around. By having a railway, not only would it reduce congestion on the roads, it would also drastically reduce pollutants.

Many people nowadays are complaining about the prices of gas. Electric cars may help reduce greenhouse gases, but won’t help with the road congestion. By installing a railway, gas wouldn’t be needed as much or as often.

There really needs to be a change in the Transit System. This railway from Chilliwack to Vancouver via Abbotsford Airport would offer a real integrated transport solution and politicians need to realize this.


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4 Responses to “Integrated transit solutions needed – A Letter in the Chilliwack Progress”

  1. Jim Says:

    Zwei, it would be interesting to have you address these new bc transit campaign ads about being a hero and being green. I think given the quality of transit the campaign is a joke.

    Zweisystem replies: To be honest I do not watch much television and seldom pay attention to adverts. I leave it up to those who have seen the ads to make up their own minds.

    On another note, the Zwei family are now a 1 car family and I convinced Mrs Zwei to take transit and I offer a few observations. From South Delta, the service is dreadful and promised better transit did not materialize except for a few added rush hour services; TransLink’s website is unwieldy and difficult to use; and the bus schedules are ill planned and user unfriendly. If TransLink wishes to get people on transit they really got yo do better.

    A timing note: Mrs Zwei takes about the same time going to work via bus/RAV/bus as did the old express bus/bus but it is still faster to go by car. Coming home is a different matter and if one leaves work late, I drive to Richmond to pick her up as bus service is truly dreadful. On the whole, by using transit (RAV) means increases transit journeys and taking the car is still the fastest (by 15 min) way to travel. One hell of a way to sell transit.

  2. lol Says:

    (Edited for taste and legal reasons) Please do not libel family members or you will be banned!

  3. Jim Says:

    Zwei, sorry I wasn’t clear, I don’t know if the campaign is on TV, I’ve only heard the ads on the radio. The ad is available here,
    The idea behind it is good I’m sure, take transit, carpool, etc, but we need better Transit in many parts of the province to make it possible. I’m sure I could take transit from Abbotsford to get to Vancouver, Langley, or Chilliwack, but I don’t think it’s easy, and I don’t think it’s cheap.

    And if you think translinks schedules and so on, on their website are bad, try reading the route maps for a non translink area, like Abbotsford, the maps are very difficult to make out, in my opinion anyways.

  4. zweisystem Says:

    I listened and I shuddered. Not good advertising. People are being “green washed” to death and I’m afraid many people will ignore the advert.

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