TransLink sardine – A letter in the Province


An interesting letter in Sunday’s Province Newspaper. TransLink is in a financial bind and the once deep discounted ‘pay in advance’ tickets and passes are no longer as deeply discounted as they were before.  This lessens the incentive for people taking transit as it seems the service itself doesn’t attract ridership, rather the perceived economic benefits of taking transit.

The reason for again operating a “Sardine” service may be to cut down on expensive maintenance costs on the metro cars, thus TransLink is maximizing car usage.

There are four results of TransLink’s new policy:

  1. Reduced vehicle service hours, reduces maintenance costs.
  2. Packed cars give the impression of ‘at capacity’ operation leading the public to demand more cars.
  3. More expensive the fare, the fewer customers take transit.
  4. The transit customer washes his/hers hands of crammed and expensive transit and takes the car instead.

TransLink sardine

 By Sharon Simpson, The Province April 4, 2010

The Olympics are over and Trans-Link did an amazing job of transporting everyone around our city. I catch the Expo Line train from Surrey’s Scott Road station into Vancouver and actually had more luck getting a seat during the Olympics than I would normally.

When the world is watching TransLink can do amazing things. When the world isn’t watching it is another matter.

Once again we’re being crammed into the trains like sardines and from April 1 we get to pay more for this pleasure. My three-zone-fare monthly fee has gone from $136 to $151. That’s an 11 per cent increase. After all the talk about reducing vehicle travel in our city what does TransLink do but up the fare. Does this make sense?

For that kind of money with standing room only, I think I will start driving again.


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One Response to “TransLink sardine – A letter in the Province”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i think we should reduce service south of the fraser because transit is much more highly subsidized than in vancouver. we should also scrap rail for the valley cuz no one would use it

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