Light Rail – It’s Child’s Play!


This item from Nottingham Express Transit’s web site is very interesting. Here we have Engineering students working on a tram or light rail line, doing simple maintenance tasks and learning to drive a tram. Not child’s play but it is illustrative of light rail’s inherent simplicity that makes it so cheap to build and operate when compared to it vastly more expensive distant relative SkyTrain.


Top Valley students learn to run a tramway

On Tuesday 23 February, Nottingham Tram Consortium played host to a group of Engineering Students from Top Valley School and Engineering College. During their visit, the students were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities available at NET’s Wilkinson Street depot. The purpose of the visit was to enable the students to gain an understanding of the reasons for undertaking maintenance in the industrial environment and its role within the organisation and some of the activities required to maintain a safe, reliable and high-quality tramway operation. The visit included a number of activities throughout the day, including a full tour of the depot site, tram maintenance facilities the control room from where the tramway operations are managed.

Working in groups, the students followed a set of instructions to complete a planned track maintenance task, with assistance from members of the engineering team. The group was also fortunate enough to understand and appreciate aspects of the tram including a short driving course within the depot sidings.

Top Valley School and Engineering College facilitates students from across Nottingham who are undertaking the Engineering Diploma along side their GCSE studies. The course, part of the National Curriculum, has been developed by industry and employers to bring the importance of engineering into the classroom whilst giving the participants the opportunity to learn and interact Nottingham Tram Consortium, supporting the community with which it serves, has been working in partnership with Nottinghamshire Educational Business Alliance and Top Valley School and Engineering College to develop a long-term partnership. Working together, students will be able to engage and experience engineering activities that will benefit their long-term aspirations and career goals.


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