Spread the word, Invite your friends in Vancouver – this is not just a Rail for the Valley event


Granville Island, Vancouver
Saturday, March 20, 2:00pm
Granville Island Olympic Line Station

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This may be your last chance to experience Vancouver’s state-of-the-art 2010 Streetcar while it’s still in operation. (Rides are free!)

The Streetcar Demo has been a phenomenonal success, but the trial is slated to end on March 21. In light of its success, there is a major push on to extend the service indefinitely. Such a small line (only 1.8 km long, from Granville Island to the Olympic Village) could end up being the tiny seed that begins the construction of a light rail and streetcar network eventually encompassing the whole of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Click here for more background:
Streetcar named desire shows transit future (The Province, Feb. 28, 2010)

So, LET’S RALLY, and Ride the Rails on Saturday March 20 the first day of spring, in support of Light Rail and streetcars for Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Take the whole family, and make it a day. After the rally, visit Granville Island on the first day of spring!


For the time being (at least until March 21), getting to Granville Island is transit-friendly:
1) Get onto the Canada Line (If you’re take Skytrain, the connection to the Canada Line is at Waterfront Station)
2) Get off at Olympic Village Station (6th Ave).
3) Ride the Olympic streetcar!

CARPOOLERS: let us know if you need a carpool, or if you can carpool somebody.


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