Half a million riders; but the Olympic streetcar won’t be staying- From News Radio 1130


500,000 customers moved in two months, by two Flexity trams is a very good statistic and bodes well for further expansion of LRT/streetcar in the region. It is time to build a ‘real’ streetcar/LRT line to show what a streetcar/LRT can do!


 Half a million riders; but the Olympic streetcar won’t be staying

Dave White Mar 14, 2010 02:20:19 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As of Saturday 500,000 riders have taken a trip on Vancouver’s Olympic streetcar, but the city has no immediate plan to keep the trains running after the Paralympics wrap up.

While the number of passengers certainly says something about the Olympic Line’s popularity, the City of Vancouver’s Dale Bracewell says the agreement with Bombardier is to only keep the trains running for the two month trial. “The track that we have is here permanently, we will have our downtown historical vehicles using the track again this summer. But it’s all ready to go for when an ultimate downtown streetcar project is realized.”

There’s no word when that project will come to fruition, but Bracewell says it’s in the city’s long term vision.

The streetcars will continue to run free of charge until March 21st, and will then return to Belgium.


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3 Responses to “Half a million riders; but the Olympic streetcar won’t be staying- From News Radio 1130”

  1. Justin Bernard Says:

    Vancouver could buy trams to run on the line.

    Zweisystem replies: We could buy second hand German trams for a song! There is no political will in Vancouver to do so.

  2. Paul Says:

    Great if people SoF will help Vancouver and buy a portion of the Olympic Village. Then Vancouver can use that money to built the line.

    What no one wants to Volunteer. That is what I thought.

    It isn’t that Vancouver doesn’t want this. But financially this city has its hands tied behind its back with the Olympic Village.

  3. Naomi Says:

    Great image of the streetcar. Is there anyone I can follow up with to obtain a copy? Thanks

    Zweisystem replies: Just copy it.

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