Some Interesting Tram Photos


Not much news on the transit front, other than the SkyTrain Subway to UBC and the endemic funding crisis with TransLink. I thought a few tram pictures would be nice.

Vintage interurban in Soller, Mallorca

The Soller Interurban stops in front of a hotel.

Now, for our double-deck tram friends, the Swedes are no slouches when designing a modern double-deck, articulated tram!

Double-deck tram for Stockholm?

Can you imagine this trundling down Broadway?

For the LRT can’t operate in narrow roads or on steep grades crowd, let’s travel to Lisbon and see where it does every day.

Tight & steep, a Lisbon tram negotiates a steep hill.

And finally, Melbourne’s famous Restaurant tram, where one can have fine dining while touring the tram system. Appies on Broadway maybe?


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