Olympic Line Update: Olympic Line street car resumes service after collision


The Olympic Line is back to full operation after Friday night’s fender bender. Indications are, that the motorist ignored light signals and drove in front of the tram. The Olympic Line is not a new line, rather it is Vancouver’s Historic Streetcar line, which has seen operation along the same route for years. There should be no excuses for motorists who ignore signals or signs and come into collision with a tram.

Drivers in Vancouver have a strange sense of entailment and road signs and signals are for othersBender Olympic. it is time to reflect that a stop signs and red lights mean stop, not stop if I feel like it.

Olympic Line Fender Bender

Olympic Line street car resumes service after collision

By Rebecca Lindell, Canwest News Service

February 20, 2010

VANCOUVER — An Olympic Line streetcar is back on track after colliding with a Jeep at Moberly Road and Sixth Avenue in False Creek just before 11:30 p.m. Friday night.

The streetcar was carrying 70 passengers coming from Granville Island. Two people were in the Jeep. No one was injured in the crash.

The city’s director of Olympic transportation Dale Bracewell described the incident as a “fender-bender” and said the streetcar was returned to service Saturday morning.

“Not only is it on the track but we are running two streetcars and we got a streetcar line up all the way past the Olympic Village Canada Line Station,” said Bracewell on Saturday afternoon.

Early indications are that the Jeep was in the right-hand turn lane on Moberly Street approaching West 6th Avenue at the time of the crash according to a police news release. Bracewell would not comment on the actions of the driver of the Jeep, but said the streetcar operator did everything according to safety procedures.

“According to our reports, our signals and the streetcar driver were up to safety standards and our investigation has suggested that everything done in terms of our operations was completely normal,” Bracewell said.

The BC Safety Authority investigated the incident and approved the move to put the streetcar back in action.

A neighbour who witnessed the aftermath of the crash said motorists haven’t adjusted to the Olympic Line.

“Since they put it in, the city had folks sitting at the crossing to get people to actually stop and they wouldn’t,” said Catherine Crough. “They would just mosey onto the tracks. There was a sense of entitlement and habit.”

“There’s always a little bit of people who are adjusting,” Bracewell said.



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