Car Crashes close the Olympic Line and Highway 17.



Not in Vancouver, but a auto/tram accident in Seattle, where the car driver ignored a red light.

The inevitable has happened, a car crash at a light controlled intersection at 11: 30 on Friday night, closed the Olympic Line.

From the Vancouver sun:

VANCOUVER – An Olympic Line streetcar collided with a vehicle at Moberly Road and Sixth Avenue in False Creek just before 11:30 p.m. Friday night.

Police officers and fire trucks are on scene according to neighbours. A helicopter has also been hovering around.

A neighbour who witnessed the aftermath of the crash said motorists haven’t adjusted to trains being back on the tracks.

“Since they put it in, the city had folks sitting at the crossing to get people to actually stop and they wouldn’t,” said Catherine Crough. “They would just mosey onto the tracks. There was a sense of entitlement and habit.”

The vehicle involved in the collision was towed away just after 12:00 a.m.

Just a few hours earlier, three people were killed in a horrific car accident on Highway 17, between Highways #10 & #99.

From the Vancouver Sun:

METRO VANCOUVER — A head-on collision on Highway 17 in Delta has claimed three lives, the RCMP said.

Today, at about 7:45 p.m. a minivan with two adult male occupants was southbound on Highway 17 heading towards Ladner Trunk Road in the northbound lanes, RCMP Sgt. Peter Thiessen said in a press release.

“The minivan crashed head-on with a northbound small, compact car killing the adult male driver and his adult female passenger. No other occupants were in the vehicle,” Thiessen said. “The driver of the minivan was also killed. His adult male passenger sustained serious injury and burns as a result of a significant fire and was airlifted to a local area hospital.”

Highway 17 remains closed in all directions for the next several hours pending further investigation. The Number 601, 620, 640 and the 404 buses are being rerouted to the Ladner Trunk Road (Hwy 10), then on Ladner Trunk Road to Highway 99.

Anyone who may have witnessed this crash is asked to call the Deas Island Freeway Patrol at 604-946-2184.

As for deaths on the SkyTrain metro system, the public doesn’t know because TransLink doesn’t report deaths to the media. So far an estimated two people have been killed by metro in the region in 2010.

Before the anti-LRT crowd start moaning about the car/tram accidnet, it would be wise to consider how many other car accidents happened in Vancouver yesterday at light controlled intersections. Even better, compare the amount of accidents at all light controlled intersections in Vancouver during the operation of the Olympic Line.

In general terms tram/road intersections are about ten times safer than road/road intersections and one can say by building LRT on-street reduces car crashes at light controlled intersections, and greatly lessens the  asscociated costs of auto accidents on society.

Zweisystem recommends that auto drivers disobeying red lights at traffic intersections (both rail and road) and causing an accident receive an automatic six month suspension of their drivers license. A red light means stop!


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  1. Vancouver personal injury attorney Says:

    It’s interesting that we don’t know how many people have been killed by SkyTrain accidents since they don’t report the deaths to the media. That’s also good for the families in keeping media away from the loved-ones and other parties involved at the time of the tragedy. I hope the people involved in these accidents have sought the legal aid of a Vancouver auto accident attorney.

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