More Financial Woes For TransLink


Instead of doing what most other ‘rail‘ transit projects have done, offer compensation packages to affected merchants and residents along the construction route, TransLink did nothing and now has to pay the ‘piper’s price’.

Not only will future awards drive up the RAV/Canada Line’s price tag, the legal costs alone will take money away from much needed transit services, which ultimately will translate into even higher TransLink taxes. TransLink, RAVCo., and the provincial government tried to hide the true cost of the metro line and as costs spiraled out of control, the scope of the project was downsized, including adding cut-and-cover subway construction without paying affected people compensation.

Cambie St. merchant ,Susan Heyes’s $600,000.00 award for “Nuisance” for years of business disruption for subway construction, took the smirk of the faces of TransLink’s officials (who thought they pulled a fast one) and now seeing that TransLink is liable, hundreds of merchants are now going to sue!

Would not have it been easier just to offer compensation packages to affected merchants in the first place?

It is Zweisystem’s belief that ‘Judicial Inquiry’ must be held on the RAV/Canada Line and all its sordid financing, much of it hidden from the public who have to subsidize this massivly expensive, politcally prestigious edifice.

From Radio News CKWX 1130

Cambie Street merchants given go ahead to file class action suit against Canada Line

CVBA would like to settle out of court

Jim Goddard  Feb 05, 2010

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Cambie merchants and property owners who claim they suffered huge losses during Canada Line construction have received permission from the courts to pursue their class action suit.  Leonard Shein with the Cambie Village Business Association says 216 merchants and 67 property owners are part of the class-action.

However he says they would prefer to settle out of court.  “We would like to negotiate a fair settlement rather than TransLink and us spending all this money on lawyers and court.”

Shein says the $600,000 Hazel and Co. owner Susan Hayes was awarded from the courts for the Canada Line disruption to her business shows his members have a good case.  He says a negotiated settlement makes sense since it cost the Canada Line a million and a half dollars to fight just the one lawsuit from Hayes.

He also points out originally Cambie merchants had offered to settle for five million dollars but that was rejected by the TransLink Board.  Shein now believes any settlement will be much larger than that whether it’s negotiated or comes from the courts.


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One Response to “More Financial Woes For TransLink”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    BC government loves to waste tax payers money on legal fees, like Gordon’s gag law that they’re appealing and so on. They keep getting away with it though.

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