“Their” Evergreen Project Gets Funding – Green light for Evergreen 3 – From Modern Railways


What should be of great interest to those supporting the reinstatement of a Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban, is the cost of refurbishing 80 km. of double track (160km. in total), plus 1 km. of new track is £250 million or CAD $423.1 million. As the Fraser Valley interurban or TramTrain’s maximum speed would be 100 kph, the track would be refurbished to a somewhat lesser and cheaper standard. It is fair to say, that the cost of a Vancouver to Chilliwack Interurban service, including vehicles, rail adjustments, level crossings, and signaling for the joint Interurban – Super Port Railway Line, could be had for about $500 million. $500 million would buy two and a half km. of  a SkyTrain Broad subway under Broadway, or less.

What is also important, is that the UK Evergreen 3 project is designed to take cars off the road which despite over $8 billion spent on our three expensive light metro lines, in the METRO region, have not done!

Green light for Evergreen 3 – From Modern Railways

Network Rail is funding a £250 million project to create a new main line from London to Oxfordshire and to deliver much faster services on the Chiltern route to Banbury and Birmingham

The Chiltern Railways project will see journey times of just 92 minutes from its London Marylebone base to Birmingham Snow Hill, slashing the present journey time by 25 minutes. Banbury will be just 50 minutes away (presently 67mins).

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s director of operations and customer service,
said: ŒThis is a great scheme that will deliver huge benefits to hundreds of thousands of passengers. It clearly demonstrates how Network Rail is working in partnership with train operators to continue to fund and attract big improvement schemes for the benefit of everyone who uses the rail network.¹

A new line will be built to Oxford; the first new rail link from London to a major British city since 1910. Designed explicitly to take cars off the road, the centrepiece of the Oxford link will be Water Eaton Parkway in North Oxford; a high quality integrated transport hub linked to the A34, A40 and Oxford city centre.

Adrian Shooter, chairman of Chiltern Railways, said, ŒThis is the biggest passenger rail project for several generations not to call on the taxpayer for support. Working closely with Network Rail, we are going to create a new main line railway for the people of Oxfordshire and the Midlands. This deal demonstrates that real improvements to rail services can be paid for without public subsidy by attracting people out of their cars and onto trains.¹

The scheme, which involves a new chord from the Chiltern line at Bicester to the Calvert – Oxford freight route, plus upgrading of that route, is funded by Network Rail. The cost will be reimbursed through the payment of a facility charge over the next 30 years – initially by Chiltern Railways (franchise expires 2021/2) and then by the future franchisee.

The infrastructure upgrade will be carried out by main contractor BAM Nuttall, together with partners Jarvis and Atkins, will deliver the project under contract to Chiltern Railways

The project will be delivered in stages, with the main line journey time improvements being delivered from 2011. The new line to Oxford, including Water Eaton Parkway, is expected to open by 2013, subject to Transport and Works Act approval.

Over 50 miles of track will be upgraded to 100mph running, with 0.5 miles of new track built to enable the Oxford connection, linking existing lines at Bicester.

The Evergreen 3 infrastructure upgrade will be supported by the introduction of Mk 3 carriages for the Birmingham route, the opening of additional platforms at Birmingham Moor Street station and new ticketing technology.Chiltern Railways is owned by Deutsche Bahn AG and is part of DB Regio, Deutsche Bahn¹s local and regional service provider.

Project Evergreen 1, completed in 2002, reinstated the double track that had been torn up by British Rail, while Evergreen 2 added new platforms at Marylebone and new signals along the route to enable more frequent trains from 2006.



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  1. James Aston Whitworth Says:

    This is a srart but alternatives to cars require road pricing . The Scottish Executive has removed tolls on bridges in the central area but not on ferries in remote regions. Thisd is subsidy to the centre at the expense of the regions. In england this is repilicated in the amount of money given to new and upgraded railways in the lndon area compared tot eh rest of England.

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