More Planning For TramTrain In The U.K. – Now It Is Wales Turn


It seems TramTrains are on the menu for Wales as the Welsh Government looks at introducing tram and TramTrain operation in local cities. There are still several minor rail lines that service the Welsh Valleys, that were once formed a much larger network from the coal mining days and scores more of abandoned rail routes that could be relaid for TramTrain operation. It seems that the Welsh government is thinking much further ahead in planning for new transit compared to the English ‘Home’ government in London. It seems, in an age of global warming and ‘peak oil, the British bureaucracy, like the bureaucracy here in BC, are still planning for rubber on asphalt transportation with bigger mega-highways and treat rail transport as ‘yesterday’s‘ transit.


From the Light Rail Transit Association

Trams for Wales? :

A report ‘Future railway infrastructure in Wales’ has been published by the Enterprise and Learning Committee of the National Assembly for Wales.

The report which looks at the overall rail system in Wales recommends that the Welsh Government should work with relevant partners to commission feasibility studies for developing light rail networks in the main urban areas of Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, which should include consideration of how to integrate such systems with existing heavy rail infrastructure, the emphasis is therefore on the use of TramTrains in order to make fuller use of the existing rail system without jeopardising its continuing use for freight movements.

The report is available at


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3 Responses to “More Planning For TramTrain In The U.K. – Now It Is Wales Turn”

  1. Simon Says:

    One thing you should be aware of is that there is a strong possibility that the tram-trains used in Sheffield for the trial willnot carry bikes. This seems to be because of pressure from Supertram who have a ‘no bikes’ policy on their trams. As these vehicles are likely to replace heavy rail trains (Pacers etc) that do carry bikes, this is a major cause for concern – the trail should cover all aspects of the operation. Given your comments about peak oil etc, I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the need for better integration between cycling and public transport.

  2. John Says:

    Does anyone know if the Flexity, where it’s in use, allows bikes?

    I’m guessing Supertram is a private company that runs the trams in Sheffield?

    Zweisystem replies: The allowing of bikes on trams is generally allowed in European countries, though some operating companies frown on the practice.

    Supertram is what the Brits call light rail and the 3 section double articulated trams, with a capacity of 250 persons and the ability to operate on 10% grades, operated by Stagecoach, are truly Supertrams.

  3. Simon Geller Says:

    John, yes, Supertram is owned by Stagecoach and has a 25-year franchise on the system. I don’t know anything about the Flexity I’m afraid.

    There is a list of light rail/tram systems that allow bikes in the GMCC “Cycle Carriage” newsletter – follow the link from

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