Welcoming 2010 – Planning Transit For The Next Decade



On a rare visit to the Skyscraper blog, where SkyTrain’s strongest supporters reside, one feels sad that the SkyTrain lobby dwells so much in the past and has missed the tram, so to speak. Misinformation reigns supreme as the SkyTrain loyalists desperately try to rewrite history to suit there own ends. Take away the name calling, innuendo, and the hundreds of pages devoted to SkyTrain become very thin gruel indeed.

In 2009, the Rail for the Valley blog has for the first time established a conduit of up to date information about rail transportation around the world, spiced with historical essays on early railways and forays into the fine art of signaling. This has laid a solid foundation for 2010’s campaign to secure a Vancouver to Chilliwack Interurban, using the TramTrain concept, once again seeing passenger rail servicing the valley cities.

In December’s Transit & Urban Tramways, there is a hint of the big news story for Valley Rail and RFV will be ready to promote what could be a ‘bombshell‘ story.

As for the SkyTrain lobby, like the dinosaurs of old looking for a tar-pit, their dreamworld for a SkyTrain only future for the region will disappear, especially when the financial realities of “Peak Oil” and “Global Warming” become more than a catch phrase.

SkyTrain from Surrey to Langley by 2030 will seem like a joke when compared to a Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain by 2014, for one third the cost!

Welcome to the dawn of 21st century transit and transportation – a happy New Years indeed.


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4 Responses to “Welcoming 2010 – Planning Transit For The Next Decade”

  1. lol Says:

    LOL this blog is such a joke. zwei, you are so delusional, you know what’s a pipe dream? rail for the valley

    Zweisystem replies: So what is delusional old chum? Are transit facts delusional? Are the over 450 cities operating with LRT delusional? Is the quest for an independent audit of SkyTrain delusional? Is cost effective ‘rail’ transit delusional?

    So goes the SkyTrain Lobby’s argument: “If you ain’t pro SkyTrain, you are delusional!”

    ‘Nuff said!

  2. Justin Bernard Says:

    You should check the Toronto section of Skyscrapercity. We hate Skytrain technology with a passion! Thankfully the ICTS line in Toronto is being replaced with LRT in 2015.

  3. David Says:

    I know it’s your policy to respond to posts zwei, but in most forums there’s an unwritten rule of not “feeding the trolls”. Someone like lol with no grasp on reality and no ability to separate fact from fiction should simply be ignored.

  4. zweisystem Says:

    Yes, I posted this last item from LOL (I did not post the other three) to illustrate the SkyTrain lobby’s arguments are without foundation.

    The sad bit is, the light-metro versus light rail debate happened a quarter of a century ago and guess what, light-metro lost. This begs the question: “Is our transit planning at least 25 years behind the times?”

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