Please consider joining the Light Rail Transit Association


It’s that time again, membership renewal requests are in the mail or in one’s email box. Zwei is renewing his annual subscription to the Light Rail Transit Association and would like you to consider joining the Light Rail Transit Association.

There are three good reasons for joining the LRTA:

1) The LRTA membership includes an annual subscription to the excellent Tramway’s & Urban Transit.

2) The LRTA blog, which is open to members only, is an excellent source of information on transit around the world.

3) With a larger membership in our area, we could get an article published on our efforts with Rail for the Valley for world wide coverage.

Zwei has been a member of the LRTA for over twenty-five years and the information obtained from T& UT and its predecessors has made me a feared opponent to the anti-LRT crowd. Information on how to join the LRTA can be found on their web site at or go to

To succeed, Rail for the Valley must be well informed and there is no better way of being well informed than joining the Light Rail Transit Association.


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2 Responses to “Please consider joining the Light Rail Transit Association”

  1. Justin Bernard Says:

    I am not a member of LRTA(yet) but I do purchase T&UT(bookstore in Toronto), and the magazine alone is worth the membership. I am definitely getting one after Christmas.

    Zweisystem replies: Thank you! The LRTA is a very sound organization and is worthy of member ship. It is not…… as TransLink’s bureaucrats claim, a: “trolley jolly outfit!”

  2. John Buker Says:

    As founder of Rail for the Valley, I’m excited to say,

    I have today purchased a membership in the LRTA.


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