Post number 300 and many more to come.


This post marks the 300th posting on the Rail for the Valley Blog and congratulations to (now) Dr. John Buker for all his efforts with the valley rail project. When John asked me to post for the RFV blog, I don’t think he expected such a “stormy petrel“. I have tried hard to keep the blog current on rail projects around the globe, as well, inform local enthusiasts of the history and application of modern public transit.

The Seattle’s monorail versus LRT debate – Same story, different players!”   remains the number one post, with “The SkyTrain lobby – “Pixie Dust planning””  and  “Is LRT becoming the new Light-Metro?”  second and third respectively. The large daily viewing of Seattle’s monorail scheme, certainly shows we has as many readers South of the boarder as we do here.

Our readers responses to the various posts are informative and very welcome.

The RFV blog is just not a local blog, but we also have many international readers and not just in the USA, but in the UK, Finland, Russia, and elsewhere, which continues my task to keep postings interesting.

There is going to be some changes in the New Year, with more posts from guest contributers, to give a different opinion on transportation in the region. As well, the new year will bring some very interesting events, which will make Rail For The Valley front and centre for the Return of the Interurban debate in the Fraser Valley. 2010 will be a good year for valley transportation.


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