A Chilling Video From U-Tube – Saved by a ….. metro driver!


This video was on the news of late and it shows by metros should have a driver. Sadly if this were the ‘driverless’ SkyTrain, the results would have been tragic.


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5 Responses to “A Chilling Video From U-Tube – Saved by a ….. metro driver!”

  1. David Says:

    SkyTrain has killed some people who would have survived their encounter had a driver been on board, but the YouTube video you provided is not one of those situations.

    SkyTrain has track sensors at all stations that detect objects much smaller than an adult falling onto the tracks. They are part of the excessive maintenance you always criticize automated systems for. If anything the ones in Vancouver are too sensitive because the system seems to get quite a few false positives. Better than the alternative, however.

    Barring an equipment failure the lady in question would have survived her fall onto SkyTrain tracks. She’d have triggered a sensor and the train would’ve stopped short of the station. I’ve been aboard SkyTrain cars during half a dozen station approach emergency stops and it’s really quite amazing how quickly you go from casually leaning against a post to picking up fellow passengers from the floor.

  2. Xerx Says:

    Isn’t that why there’s a laser track intrusion system?

    Zweisystem replies: SkyTrain’s track intrusion system is not laser (unless it has been changed in the past year), but a pressure pad system (one of the reasons why service is delayed in snowy conditions) which alerts the central operations system. What happens with SkyTrain is that the intrusion device is activated, then an operator looks at the CCTV to confirm a problem than shuts down the system. This takes precious time. In Boston the driver was alerted immediately of a problem and applied the emergency brakes. If the accident happened on SkyTrain or RAV, the longer reaction time of the CCTV operator would have been longer.

    There is a common mistake that many people make that SkyTrain will stop automatically if the track is fouled; this is not so, as only the trains operations centre can stop the metro. This is why a SkyTrain attendant always travels up front on the first journey in the morning, to ensure the track is not fouled.

  3. lol Says:

    my goodness zwei, you are so flawed and delusional. if this were in fact the ‘driverless’ SkyTrain, it would have stopped much further away from that woman. do yourself a favour and youtube all the car crashes light rail has encountered.

    Zweisystem replies: Yes, car drivers disobey signs and signals and crash into trams, they also do it to buses, trains, and other cars. Streetcar/tram – car intersections area about 10 times as safe as a car – car intersection. The annual death rate on SkyTrain is about 2 to 3 times higher than Calgary’s LRT system. Thus a transit system being automated is no guarantee that it will prevent death. Still, trams/streetcars/LRT are still one of the safest public transit modes in the world. But in your world, dealing in facts, makes one ‘delusional’. Not much of a debate is it.

  4. zweisystem Says:

    There is an ongoing myth that being automated makes SkyTrain safer, not true. SkyTrain’s anti-intrusion devices at stations only notify central control that there maybe an obstruction at a station and the operator then confirms by CCTV that there is or isn’t. Precious seconds are wasted as the operator decides what to do, before he takes action. As noted before, the annual death rate on SkyTrain is two to three times higher than Calgary’s LRT system. It also should be noted that automatic metros, must by EEC law have platform doors that only open until the automatic metro stops. Sorry, the only delusions in evident are people who believe in myth and not fact.

  5. Bryan Vogler Says:

    If this were the Via Budd Car on Vancouver Island that hit a car at a crossing, because the railway has people believing they cannot stop for cars, this vidio shows the lie. Trains can stop for people and cars. Judge Foisy is right. Productivity over safety is why trains keep hitting cars and people.
    Argue with the vidio all you want, but i need no further evidence to proove my point.

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