STRASBOURG – Beautiful City – Beautiful Trams



The French city of Strasbourg ( population  276,867  in 2006), which its historic city centre was classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, decided in the early 1990’s to build a modern tramway system, using the innovative and attractive ADTranz Eurotram rolling stock . In 1994 Line A opened, with a north-south route running from Hautpierre-Maillon (north-west) to the city center (where a tunnel section runs under Gare Centrale railway station) to the south, passing through the main hospital, the stadium, the university and Baggersee suburb). So successful was Strasburg’s initial light rail line that it was extended in 1998 from Baggersee to Illkirch Lixenbuhllatter and with more lines to come.

Line B-C started its operations in 2000; their track is articulated in 3 branches converging in the city center (Place de la Republique). Line B runs south (Lingolsheim terminal, opened in May 2008 after Elsau-Lingolsheim extension) – north (Hoenheim Gare), While Line C connects suoth-western (Elsau) to south-eastern (Rodolphe Reuss terminal, opened in August 2007 after Esplanade-Rodolphe Reuss extension) areas. Line B and C serves many important urban polarities, the tramway depot area (Elsau), the university (south-east), the congress center (north), the suburbs of Schlitigheim, Bischheim (north) and Ostwald, Lingolsheim (south).

Line E opened in 2007 running from Baggersee (south-east) to Robersau Boecklin (north-east), serving the European Parlament.

Line F should will open in 2010, as the urban section of a new tram-train line connectin the railway station to Entzheim airport and to Vallee de la Bruche (Gresswiller, Mutzig) and Piemont des Vosges (Obernai, Barr) agglomerations; LRT and tram vehicles will share the existing TER Alsace railway tracks by 2014. Line F will connect Gare (with a new tramway surface stop) to Robersau Boecklin (serving the European Parlament) and Vauban, running along part of Line B-C (Homme de Fer-Republique section) and Line E (Republique-Wacken) tracks.


Country France
Line Line A, Line B, Line C, Line D, Line E
Inhabitants City 270.000, District 610.000
Date opening 1994
Future development: Line F (urban section of a future tram-train line connecting the airport to the city center)
Length (km) 53.7
Track sections Linea A: 12.6 km; Linea B: 15.1 km; Linea C: 9.9 km; Linea D: 5.5 km; Linea E: 10.6 km
ground level, with the exception of a tunnel section under Gare Centrale
Stops 59, average distance m 550
Platform doors
General characteristics
n. of vehicles Bombardier: 53; Alstom: 41
n. of cars per vehicle Bombardier:3-4; Alstom: 7
Type steel wheels, bi-directional
Vehicle dimensions (m) Bombardier: lenght: 33.10 (3 cars), 43.10 (4 cars), width 2.4
Alstom: length: 45.06, width 2.4
Vehicle capacity (pax) Bombardier: 285 (86 seated) 3 cars; 370 (92 seated) 4 cars
Alstom: 288
Frequency 3’/15′
Current/Voltage 750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Speed Km/h Comm 20, Max 60
Accel./Decel. (m/sec2)
System capacity 6.000 pphpd
Total cost 20 M Euro/km CAD $31.7M/km.
Model Bombardier: Eurotram; Alstom: Citadis 403



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2 Responses to “STRASBOURG – Beautiful City – Beautiful Trams”

  1. David Says:

    Wow, look at all the glass! That’s one tram that’s entirely focused on passengers and not on how many surfaces are available for advertising.

  2. Jim Says:

    But if advertising isn’t paying for it then we are.

    Zweisystem replies: There are some studies that have found that advertising on public transit may deter ridership. The best advertising for trams is ‘all over’, but even then there is complaint. Certainly trams and buses carry adverts and have done so for 200 years, but one must balance the paying customer, with one hopes to obtain in advertising revenue. Advertising on public transit is somewhat “small potatoes” when compared to the overall budget, to do it, one must do it right.

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