From the BBC News – 70% ‘back rail renationalization’. Privitization of British Railways has not been as successful as one would think.



The privatization of British Railways has not been as successful as many would have wished. The complicated and bureaucratic nature of the privatization of British Railways has cost the taxpayer dearly and now 70% of the people polled wants the railways back under public ownership. The sheen of the privatized B.R. has long gone after several major fatal train crashes and finally when the track literally disintegrated due to lack of maintenance. In the UK, profits from the company owning the ‘track’ were directed to shareholders instead of track maintenance; with the privatized Bostitch Rail, corporate profits became more important than passenger safety.

Today the ‘track’ has been effectively renationalized and many of the Train Operating Companies or TOC’s are in financial or operational trouble, the British public has lost faith in Maggie Thatcher’s great adventure. To date, the British Taxpayer has paid far more for railway privatization than if paid to British Railways instead. It seems railway privatization in the UK has been a failure, a lesson which has lost its meaning on this side of the pond.

70% ‘back rail renationalization’.

Most people are in favour of returning the railways to public ownership, with just 23% supporting privatization, according to a poll.

A survey of more than 1,000 people for the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT), found seven out of 10 of those questioned backed nationalization.

The state of the railways will be debated by the TUC conference in Liverpool later this week.

The RMT will be calling for support for full rail nationalization.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said the poll showed the government is “out of step with the voters” on who owns and runs the rail network.

He said: “If Labour are serious about re-engaging with their core supporters, they can prove it by making a bold statement on public ownership of the railways.”


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