A press Release from the Light Rail Transit Association – Rail for the Valley asks: What is more ‘Green’, a multi lane highway or the interurban?

 Zweisystem includes this news release from Tram Forward & the LRTA because our provincial and federal politicians are taking the same path, pretending they are ‘Green‘ by building expensive ‘show-case’ metro systems, but fail to show any real interest in funding affordable and sustainable light rail in the province and country. In BC it is far worse, where British Columbia’s Premier Campbell has convinced his party and the mainstream media that building massive new highways will reduce auto emissions, thus are more ‘green‘ than light rail and public transit!



TramForward – UK


26 August
TramForward criticises the UK’s Government’s ‘Green transport’ plan
TramForward, the campaigning arm of the Light Rail Transit Association, has criticised the complete omission of any reference to light rail or tramways in the latest strategy document from the Department for Transport.NOTES FOR EDITORS
‘Low Carbon Transport: A Greener Future’ published on 15th July, is intended as the Government’s blueprint for cutting carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector.

“But its provisions for improving urban transport are incomplete” said Geoff Lusher of “Although the document says much about new high speed rail routes, it does not make any mention of expanding suburban rail systems, including light rail, so that more commuters, shoppers and leisure travellers have the option of a high-quality public transport alternative to the car. To put it bluntly, we’re staggered. A word search of the entire document reveals not a single reference to “light rail” or “tram”. We believe that is simply not possible to write 117 pages on green transport strategy and yet not mention the one form of transport that has been shown to be most effective in getting people out of cars and so cutting their carbon footprints. Light rail is seen as a solution the world over to problems of traffic congestion and urban pollution, which is why the last decade has seen a huge investment in new light rail and modern tramway systems all around the world. In other European countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and The Netherlands the renaissance of the tram has already made a significant contribution to a better quality of life for millions of citizens. Modern tramways have proven to be just as successful in British cities, in the relatively few places where they have been implemented, and it is clear that they have a place in many more.


1. TramForward is the campaigning arm of the Light Rail Transit AssociationTramForward is the campaigning arm of the Light Rail Transit Association. 

2. The Light Rail Transit Association is the world’s leading organisation campaigning for better public transport through light rail, tramway and metro systems in our towns and cities for 70 years. It also supports the revitalisation of suburban and rural transport through the application of light rail.

3. The LRTA acts through its network of local branches, which campaign for better transport in their localities.

4. Membership of the LRTA costs under 12p a day. To join, visit http://www.lrta.org or write to the Membership Secretary, LRTA, 38 Wolseley Road, Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 7AU. Members of the LRTA receive the monthly magazine Tramways & Urban Transit – written and read by experts in the field – and gain other benefits including discounts on videos and books, tours of transport systems and cut-price admission to selected transport sites.

5. Press enquiries – please contact:

Brian S. Lomas, Development Officer, Light Rail Transit Association

7 Crofton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0BP

Telephone: 0117 951 7785





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