TramTrain Line – Alicante Tram-Train, Spain



Rail for the Valley wishes to reinstate the Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban, using TramTrain technology. TramTrain is a development of light rail, where a light rail vehicle has the ability to operate on tram (streetcar); light-rail; and mainline railway tracks. The interurban was the original TramTrain, which has now evolved into the sleek LRV’s now used on TramTrain operations around the world.

By using TramTrain, LRT can be easily and affordably extended to areas of low population, giving the benefits of modern public transport to people who otherwise be abandoned by transit planners. One kiliometre of SkyTrain light-metro could fund up to 20 km. of TramTrain; a lesson that the planners at the cash strapped TransLink have yet to learn.

The following is from Railway


Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV)
Opening date
Construction cost
€500 million
Route length
51km (32 miles)
Maximum line speed
100km/h (60mph)
Underground stations
Overground stations


DC overhead

Rolling Stock:

Fleet total
19 (some from Valencia)
Build date
Electrical equipment
Trainset power
Maximum speed
70km/h (tram mode), 100km/h (train mode)
99 seated, 204 standing

Special Characteristics:

Major Spanish coastal tourist centre
Upgrade of established main line railway
Integration with existing tramway route
New central multi-modal interchange
Nine new dual-mode vehicles built
Several more branches planned by 2010

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One Response to “TramTrain Line – Alicante Tram-Train, Spain”

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