Rail for the Valley blog has topped 3,660 visits for July! Congradulations John!



When John Buker asked me to add some items for the fledgling Rail For the Valley blog, I don’t believe he thought I would such a stormy Petrel. As I write this item, the blog has now recorded over 3,660 visits for the month of July, which I believe is very good. The blog is a mixture of items pertinent for the Rail for the Valley Campaign, current transit news from here and abroad; technical stuff; and personal opinion and I think it is a good mix.

Zweisystem does get a little cranky at times and certainly will point out that certain opinions are stuff and nonsense. I have told John and it is my firm belief that there will not be any consideration for the return of the interurban until the provincial government and TransLink enter the 21st century and plan for proven and affordable light rail instead of forever planning for ‘pie-in-the-sky’ light-metro in the guise of RAV and SkyTrain. SkyTrain to Langley by 2030 or 2040 is just not good enough!

I would like to remind everyone that all comments are welcome and if there is a leap in logic, well I’ll point that out.

Rail for the Valley would also like to congratulate John Burker on his forthcoming wedding this weekend and wish bride and groom happiness and good health – cheers!


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