Cranleigh Railway Line: All stop Bramley Station!


Rail for the Valley is not alone in trying to reinstate little used, abandoned, disused or mothballed rail lines for passenger use. The following web site for the Cranleigh reopening project…….

……in the U.K. is well worth a visit. One useful idea which could be copied, is a a ‘model’ Valley Interurban station, located in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Langley as what has being done for the Cranleigh line project in Bramley. There is also other interesting  ideas available on the Cranleigh web site that could be of value to bolster our efforts here.

Bramly Station site 1980's
Bramley Station site 1980’s
Bramley station 1990's

Bramley station 1990's

Bramley Station today

Bramley Station today

Photos © Craneligh

Creating a visual image of a typical “Interurban” station will be a great selling point to the public and skeptical politicians.

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  1. Jez Cheesman Says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just found your page as a referrer link to my site, which of course I am very pleased abouat, and thank you for it.

    However, could you please credit the photos on your site to Cranleigh Railway?

    just “© Craneligh” will do.

    many thanks

    Zweisystem responds: Done!

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