One hundred posts!



Light Rail in Nice France – Could be Langley, Abbotsford or Chilliwack!

This marks the 100 post to the Rail For the Valley blog and I hope that for all who read the various postings have found them informative. When John Burker asked me to help with postings for the then new Rail For the Valley blog site, I was worried that the subject matter was too dry for many and simply would give it a pass. I see by the statistics page that there is a loyal following and some postings have been viewed by over 160 people, which I find encouraging for a new blog site.

My goal with this blog is to provide informative news on current transit around the world and expand on subjects that the promoters for the reintroduction of the Interurban should and must know. There is, of course, some controversial subjects like RapidBus and SkyTrain, but a firm understanding of modern public transportation philosophy and operation is essential for any meaningful debate on the subject.

Valley residents are faced with a great ignorance about transit and transportation from the Minister of Transportation, TransLink, the media and even other transit groups and this blog, I hope, will provide a shining light to help those see through the darkness of willful and deliberate misinformation of others, intent to stop the project at any price. What would be a no-brainer in other countries is ignored here, though I am pleased to hear that some local politicos taking up the standard for light rail and the reinstatement of the Vancouver to Chilliwack Interurban!

As always, comment are always welcome and I will try to answer all inquiries promptly.


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