B.C. on the hook for $3.3-billion Port Mann bridge


The Ministry of Transportation announced today that the Port Mann P3 has failed, and B.C. will now directly fund the bridge construction. Globe and Mail article here.

The B.C. taxpayers will be taking all of the risk, if traffic on the bridge is less than forecast.

What this means is…..

If the government does invest in a light rail alternative for the Fraser Valley, successfully encouraging people to leave their cars for more sustainable transportation options, resulting in less traffic on the bridge than forecast, taxpayers will have to pay up!

Not to worry, people.

Not to worry.

Kevin Falcon says he is “very comfortable with traffic forecasts.”  Why’s that, Mr. Falcon? Maybe because the current plan for the valley is “no light rail alternative for the foreseeable future?”

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll know at least someone’s comfortable.

On another note, check out this latest location of VALTAC‘s rail for the valley trailer:


Picture taken by Terry Lyster. “Taken yesterday in Abbotsford just after Hwy 1 was made passable. The Interurban moved in all weathers; the only time it was stopped was during the great flood of 1948. Darn Sumas Lake! Several winters ago, Southern Rail of BC carried emergency provisions and rescued people during a freeway closing blizzard. Fancy that.


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One Response to “B.C. on the hook for $3.3-billion Port Mann bridge”

  1. D. M. Johnston Says:

    Just a note on snow, Nottingham UK, had 100 cm. of snow bringing highway and rail travel to a halt, but not the new LRT system. The trams were the only means of transportation and it seemed the operators (it’s a P-3) seemed ready for any contingency!

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