Is TransLink Going Bankrupt? Has Gordon Campbell Made a Secret Deal With The Devil (TransLink)?


An interesting email came my way today, with the astonishing claim that TransLink will go bankrupt next year!

Two tiny snippets out of that tell the whole story…

Even with the inflated ridership claims, the provincial subsidy per trip (TransLink) is $5/rider, and for Victoria’s BC Transit system it is over $20/rider.!!! We all pay for that…likely much of it out of gasoline tax revenues.

The other snippet is that,as we’ve been told by Tom Prendergast, without an additional $300/million/year, T-Link will have to close its doors. The vehicle levy of course is back on the table.

If this is true, it begs the question; “Has Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon already entered into a secret agreement with TransLink to reintroduce the auto levy after next May’s election?” Rail for the Valley must get into election mode now and force political candidates in all political parties to come clean on regional transit planning; as it stands now the valley taxpayer is going to pay hefty tax hikes to fund other peoples expensive transit systems!


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5 Responses to “Is TransLink Going Bankrupt? Has Gordon Campbell Made a Secret Deal With The Devil (TransLink)?”

  1. David Says:

    I knew that TransLink was going to have a huge budget shortfall next year. That’s been forecast for quite some time.

    The Provincial government is entirely to blame too. Why is TransLink responsible for replacing the Pattullo Bridge when it’s part of two Provincial Highways (1A/99A)? Because Gordo got away with transferring responsibility without transferring the funds necessary to live up to that responsibility.

    Why is TransLink responsible for paying any part of the capital costs of SkyTrain to Coquitlam when they already designed an LRT system for the corridor? Gordo is forcing them to use a more expensive technology so the Province should be forced to cover the cost. I really wish Harper had looked at the alternatives and told Campbell there would be no federal money for SkyTrain.

    What we need is a well funded campaign to show the public that they’re facing the prospect of a vehicle levy because Gordon Campbell insists on expanding SkyTrain instead of building affordable transit.

  2. David Says:

    That wasn’t “Gordo” that downloaded the Pautullo bridge, that happend under the NDP.

  3. zweisystem Says:

    David, as the TransLink – NDP/GVRD (now Metro) is over a decade old, it seems the taxpayer was ill served. More and more it seems then GVRD Chair George Puil, inked the deal to get SkyTrain subways built in the City of Vancouver.

    Puil only signed the deal when the NDP, desperately trying to get approval for the Millennium SkyTrain Line, promised to pay two thirds of “SkyTrain only” construction West of Commercial Drive!

    The rest is history and the Puttallo Bridge is a legacy of this notorious deal!

  4. zweisystem Says:

    The Editor;

    Today’s editorial, supporting the Evergreen Line, displays a grand ignorance of transit, transit mode, and why ‘rail’ transit is built. This regional ignorance about so-called, ‘rapid-transit’ has evolved over 30 years trying to justify SkyTrain construction in the region and is akin of trying to force square pegs into round holes.

    In the real world, SkyTrain would not have been built on any route in Vancouver because there isn’t the ridership to justify the expenditure on the light-metro. In the real world, modern LRT is built because it is cheaper and just as efficient as SkyTrain. Has anyone noticed, no one builds with SkyTrain?

    So echoes American transit expert Gerald Fox’s observation on the SkyTrain business case for the Evergreen Line, “I found several instances where the
    analysis had made assumptions that were inaccurate, or had been manipulated to make the case for SkyTrain. If the underlying assumptions are inaccurate, the
    conclusions may be so too.”

    SkyTrain is the epitome of 1970’s and 80’s excesses in spending on government sponsored, tax and spend, public projects; the same business practices that has
    brought the world’s economy to it’s knees today! And we keep building more SkyTrain.

    The notion that all rapid transit infrastructure is good, is silly. In Charleroi, Belgium, a light-metro was built on routes that did not have the
    ridership to support it and now lies abandoned, with many kilometers of never used tracks, viaducts, subway tunnels and stations. It was cheaper to mothball
    the light-metro than to operate it! The Evergreen SkyTrain line needs a minimum of 15,000 persons per hour per direction to justify construction, yet it is replacing bus routes with a maximum peak hour traffic flows of just over 2,000 pphpd!

    Will the Evergreen Line become the BC version of the Charleroi light-metro? Will it just be cheaper to mothball it, rather than operate it?

    With TransLink’s finances sinking faster than the Titanic and the local economy collapsing, why build the Evergreen Line? To date, SkyTrain has cost the taxpayer over $6 billion (not including RAV & the Evergreen Line) and is
    subsidized by the province by over $200 million annually. SkyTrain has proven very poor in attracting the motorist from the car and even TransLink admits that 80% of SkyTrain’s riders first take a bus to the metro. Prospects for the Evergreen Line are very poor.

    Evergreen Line is like the Titanic, with Captain Harper and Campbell at the helm, after seeing a (financial) iceberg, steer right into it, with disastrous results! Of course the captains have (financial) lifeboats but for the passengers (taxpayers) it’s every man for himself!

    Malcolm Johnston
    Light Rail committee
    Box 105, Delta, BC
    V4K 3N5

  5. David Says:

    I stand corrected on my TransLink history. The NDP is just as guilty as the Liberals because they built the Millennium Line and refuse to take a stand against Gateway and the conversion of Evergreen to SkyTrain.

    The Liberals have nothing to fear from annoyed valley voters this time, but we can still send a message.

    I suggest all right leaning LRT supporters vote Conservative (they officially support rail for the valley) and all left leaning people vote Green. It won’t be enough to change the outcome of the 2009 election, but it would send a strong message to the Liberals and NDP that we’re fed up with them.

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