Premier Campbell & Kevin Falcon ‘flips the bird’ to the valley


Gordon Campbell, like all politicians, likes to monument build and with good ‘polling’ numbers has promised a ‘monumental’ 10 lane bridge with all the whistles and bangs to target the car driver in May’s provincial election.  The $3 billion plus mega bridge and highways project has nothing to do about good transportation or planning, rather it is all about hucksterism and vote buying by a government that cares little about the environment, global warming, peak oil, and the agricultural land reserve.

The talk of a Langley to Burnaby BRT or rapid bus taking 23 minutes is about as useless a statistic as you can get, but the media keep eating it up. The fact is BRT  doesn’t work, as it has proven not to attract the motorist from the car. Can anyone point to a successful BRT operation? Yet, Falcon prattles on, knowing that the media doesn’t do its homework and just prints ‘verbatim’ what is said, factual or not.

Rail transit is mentioned, but at a later date, “sometime in the future when there is the capacity”. This is just ‘spin doctoring’, to placate the many rail groups lobbying for ‘rail’ transit in the valley and the present government has absolutely no intention to build ‘rail’ transit in the valley. No express highway bridge to date, in the world, has been retrofitted for ‘rail’ transit after it has been opened. No government will eliminate two road lanes for rail and the premier and minister of transportation are disingenuous claiming this will happen.

What Valley politicians and voters should keep in mind that the $1.8 billion dollar difference, from the original twinned bridge concept to mega-bridge, would fund a deluxe electrified Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban, with a new Fraser River Rail Bridge, independent LRT lines in Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford, serving the Abbotsford International Airport!

Premier Campbell and Kevin Falcon have effectively given a ‘Trudeau’ style salute to all valley residents and taxpayers.


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3 Responses to “Premier Campbell & Kevin Falcon ‘flips the bird’ to the valley”

  1. P.Walters Says:

    That is par for the course,short sighted politicians dying to get realected.They should all take a trip to Europe at their own expense of course,and see how light and rapid transit moves people at a reasonable cost.A ten lane toll bridge will not solve the congestion on our highways.

  2. Bill Jones Says:

    What is it with these politicians 14 Billion earmarked for Vancouver’s tunnels and what have you, and now add another 3 billion. We have some politicians say lets get the cars off the road, and another building bridges and widening highways so we can get more cars on the road. Every body knows that there is an election coming up, and if you live in the valley let them know your feelings re LRT for the Valley

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