Rail for the Valley: not a left-right issue


In my experience, people on the left sometimes assume Rail for the Valley must somehow be a left-right polarized issue, because of the governing provincial Liberal party’s foot-dragging on such an obvious no-brainer as re-establishing interurban light rail service for the Fraser Valley….. in this time of increasing road traffic, higher gas prices, and concerns regarding climate change and the liveability of our region. Is the government’s foot-dragging based on right-wing ideology?

Not at all.

In my experience as an organizer for passenger rail, Rail for the Valley has received strong support from people on the left, from people on the right, and in fact from people right in the centre, of the traditional political spectrum.

Here is an interesting Letter to the editor of the Chilliwack Times:

Conservatives support light rail

Published: Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Regarding Jan. 23 article in the Chilliwack Times by Aidan Chafe, “Rail advocates form society.”

As the B.C. Conservative candidate for the Chilliwack riding, I am pleased to see that members of our community are taking initiative to rally support for a B.C. Conservative Policy which states: “A B.C. Conservative government will re-establish the light rail transit line, in order to connect the Fraser Valley with Metro Vancouver’s transportation system.”

It is upsetting that the current Liberal government has neglected to make this necessary action for the sustainability of growth in our province a top priority, especially now as the 2010 Olympics draw near.

Instead, they continue to mismanage funds through unaccountable measures, such as their all-too-common secretive backroom deals. When a B.C. Conservative government is elected to the legislature it will hold government accountable to ensure the viable needs of the province are met, such as the re-establishing of the eco-friendly light rail transit line in the Fraser Valley.

Benjamin Besler,

B.C. Conservative ,


Congratulations to the B.C. Conservative Party for making the re-establishment of light rail service for the Fraser Valley one of their Policies.

History shows how quickly the dominant parties can change in British Columbia, usually as a result of government arrogance. The B.C. Liberals would be wise to watch their flank.


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