Skytrain has run its course; LRT is the way to go.


Langara debate Wednesday: Skytrain has run its course; LRT is the way to go.

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 7:30 – 9:00pm
(Doors open at 7:15pm, seating for the first 300 only)
The Alice Mackay Room, Lower level
Vancouver Public Library, Downtown, Homer & Robson

Arguing the AFFIRMATIVE:
PATRICK CONDON, Senior Researcher, UBC Design Centre for Sustainability

Arguing the NEGATIVE:
MIKE HARCOURT, Former Premier of British Columbia

Click here for detailed information

Obviously, this issue has huge implications for light rail for the Valley. If you’re attending, feel free to let everyone know how the debate went in the comments area.


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One Response to “Skytrain has run its course; LRT is the way to go.”

  1. ngwright Says:

    There was a very good turnout last night, the room was almost filled and everyone seemed really engaged. Both speakers strayed more than a little off topic and probably agreed with each other way too much, but I really enjoyed it. I tend to side with Harcourt on limited used of skytrain, in combination with light rail. On the other hand, Condon was very articulate in his vision for a slower city built around corridors instead of nodes. I would highly recommend next months dialogue on STV.

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