U-Tube – a tool, transit advocates must make good use of – seeing, is believing.


In the 1980’s, the SkyTrain lobby made all sorts of pronouncements about transit and ALRT, that were not true. It took transit advocates over a month to write to experts and wait for their replies. By the time the facts were available, the media moved on and most of the hoopla from BC Transit became facts in the mind of the public. BC Transit and the SkyTrain lobby made good use of this to spread the SkyTrain myth.

In the 1990’s the fax gave transit advocates a wonderful tool in getting correct data from transit experts around the world, but it was still time consuming, with replies coming in days, rather than weeks. Still, in the age of ‘electronic media’, a few days still meant an eternity as comments or news stories became cold after 24 to 48 hours.

In the 21st century, email has become a wonderful tool for transit advocates, where inquiries are sent and answers come within hours and the facts quickly posted to the media. If it wasn’t for email, Rail for the valley and its kindred would not have gotten so far for their quest for the return of the interurban.

The following is just a few U-Tube postings that may prove very helpful in the upcoming transit debates.

U-Tube is a wonderful tool for transit advocates to trump TransLink’s litanies of invention and those championing the return of the interurban should make good use of this wonderful resource.

Trams climbing grades –



Diesel LRT



Karlsruhe’s TramTrains



Lawned rights-of-ways



Tram/streetcars – on-street operation



LRT in the snow




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