Langley not in rail study


Langley not in rail study (Langley Advance)

“Rail for the Valley says Langley is being railroaded when it comes to a study of local transit options…”

Jordan Bateman is also quoted. He seems to think the study will seriously look at the Interurban. If that were the case, wouldn’t Langley be included in the study announcement?


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One Response to “Langley not in rail study”

  1. Joe Z Says:

    Jordan is not an idiot and he also knows how to get things done. It is foolish to believe you can take a billion dollars (or even hundreds of millions) of taxpayer dollars and throw a train on a track without a study. Jordan also recognizes the Livability Accord and this involves Abby, Langley and Surrey in a big way. With Dianne Watts pushing for light rail, a study in Surrey can only help make the case for Langley. Jordan got more votes than both mayoral candidates, with over 9,200 people electing him. It is wise to work with him and not against him.

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